Baroo Coffee was born with the thought that great tasting coffee should be just that, Great Tasting Coffee. Your first cup of wake-up-juice should be a glorious combination of smells and taste that make brewing and sipping from your favorite mug the most pleasurable part of starting the new day.

When we roasted our first batch of coffee beans it was a life-changing experience that opened our eyes to how good coffee was supposed to taste. Then we started sharing it with our friends and family and soon, Baroo Coffee was born.  Once we realized that a caffeine boost is not the sole purpose of coffee, we were on the path to a better brew.

Our beans are sourced from premier Single-Estate coffee producers from regions around the globe. Baroo Colombian is our first corner-stone coffee, but in the coming months we plan to introduce coffees from Peru, Brazil, Central America, Africa and Indonesia.

When you order online, you are getting Baroo Coffee that was freshly roasted, packaged and shipped right to your door. So when you receive your order of Baroo Coffee, it is at its peak of flavor and ready for you to enjoy however you Baroo – Automatic Drip, French Press, Pour Over or Espresso.

So tell us... how do you Baroo?

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